Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop

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27 June 2015

Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop

Increase Battery Life of Your Laptop 
    We have all been in situations where you are doing something urgent in your laptop, while you are on the go or in your office or classroom; you find your battery is almost dead. And if you do not have your charger with you or there is no power outlet, the situation gets worse. Don’t worry; there are tips so that you can finish your work just before the battery completely dries out.
  1. Battery Saver mode
    When your laptop gives you the low battery warning, immediately turn on the Battery Saver mode. This mode will automatically make some changes so that the load on the battery is reduced and you will get a little extra time with your laptop. But this is just the beginning and you can take more measures so that your battery can keep going.
  1. Unused devices and Ports
    All the components in a laptop require power to work. But you do not need them to function all the time. So you can save power by disabling the ones that are currently in need (do not disable the basic components required to keep the laptop running).
To disable unused devices in Windows, open up Device Manager from Control Panel. For saving power you can disable graphics card (under Display Adapters), your CD or DVD drives and also network adaptors. Just right-click the device you want to disable and select Disable. You can also disable unused ports.
  1. Apps and Processes
    You have been mistaken if you think that hardware is the only thing that’s eating up your battery. So avoid running multiple apps at once. You can also kill processes that are not of use with the help of Task Manager.
For Mac users, open the Activity Monitor utility. You can see a list of all the programs and processes that are now open, and which of these are using the most power. You can stop the processes that you don’t want by selecting the program and then clicking the Stop icon.
  1. Backlight Settings
    Turn off keyboard backlight to give more time for your battery. You don’t the keyboard backlight unless you are in the dark. So just turn it off. Decreasing the brightness of the screen is another solution. You won’t need the brightness to be at 100% always. Turning down volume is another method for saving battery life. Turning it off completely will be best and if you need volume, turn it down or use earphones.
  1. De-fragment Drives
    Defragmenting a drive makes it easier for you laptop to access data from your hard drive. If the data is cluttered, it will take more time to use data. So defragment your drive frequently (do not defragment a solid-state drive as its lifetime will be reduced).

    Follow the simple tips so that you can get more out of your battery at tough situations like mentioned in the beginning.

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