Android Rooting - Things You Must Know

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24 June 2015

Android Rooting - Things You Must Know

    Android devices come with some manufacturer imposed restrictions that prevent you from having  total control over your device. This measure is supposed to increase security but can fathom the commerciality behind this(the key is to look closely).With these restrictions your smartphones wont always be ready to obey you. So how can you bypass these restrictions and harness the real potential out of your device? The answer is ROOTING. Rooting is exclusively an android related term. There are other methods which are compared to rooting such as jailbreaking of IOS devices, but these are somewhat different concepts. However we will confine our discussions to rooting (for now).

     Many of you would already have heard about, or even tried rooting your android device. For all those who don’t know, rooting is a process that allows you to attain root access of your device, which is similar to running programmes as administrator in windows or running a program using sudo in LINUX. It gives you privileges to modify the software code on the device or install software that the manufacturer won’t normally allow you to.


    For all those tech savvy users rooting process can turn out to be interesting, just with the fun of it. Considering more material advantages:
  • You can modify anything and everything graphic about your phone. You can decide how everything looks like from a futuristic architecture to even ancient Rome!!
  • Speed up your device using CPU over clocking
  • Install aftermarket firmware  known as custom roms, which may provide you with the latest android version, very useful if your phone is no longer updated by the manufacturer(ring a bell Samsung users?). I use a Samsung galaxy grand duos which stopped updating at 4.2.2 jellybean. And guess what, I am running lollipop (android 5.0) soon to be updated to version 5.1.
Android Phone Rooting - The Must Knows Android Phone Rooting - The Must Knows

  • You can improve the battery life and performance of your device using various apps that requires root access.
  • Rooting enables you to install custom data recovery, which creates a sort of virtual data room in an image file. Thus in case your device fails, you can perform a data recovery raid from within your device. In short you get access to hard disk data recovery services, which helps you protect your life’s data that you’ve stored away in that screen inside your pocket.
  • Custom roms can help you in many ways, increased performance, better conference calls, video calls for instance.

     These are only a few of the infinite possibilities to which rooting opens the door. As always your imagination is the limit (at least to a certain extent)

Android Phone Rooting - The Must Knows Android Phone Rooting - The Must Knows
    However, with great power comes greater responsibility. There are many possible dangers that you must be aware of before making up your mind to try rooting your smartphone.
  • You may mess things up and consequently turn your smartphone useless as a brick (hence called bricking your device). But don’t worry every thing has a solution, which I will be discussing if the need arises ;) 
  • Another thing you should know is that upon rooting your device’s warranty gets void. But you can revert it by unrooting the device and once again claim your warranty. 
    So if you have made up your mind to root your smartphone after reading the above piece, do let me know. I can provide you with some of the safest and fail safe ways (both textbook and some of my own) to help you. After all having full control over your device is one thing and having a bricked one is another (not much fun).
    You can put forward your questions about rooting or any other issues relating to smartphones as comments below this article and I will be happy to help you with the necessary methods A.S.A.P. You can also request the methods to root your device and I will be providing the same in a separate article.Happy rooting !!

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