10 Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start Today

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13 September 2015

10 Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start Today

It’s a common problem: you want to venture out on your own, but honing in on the perfect business idea isn’t coming to you. Turns out, there is such a thing as entrepreneur’s block.
The easy part is getting your business online with a stunning website. The hard part is coming up with the idea for your business. We’re here to help with both:

  • Baked Goods with a Twist
Do friends always tell you they’d pay you top dollar for your amazing cookies? Do your family members clamor to get to your homecooked muffins before everyone eats them all up? If you’re skilled with a spatula, you could be sitting on a sweet business idea. But if you really want to corner the market, the way to go is niche. Providing sweet treats that serve the gluten-free, vegan, or paleo following audience will show even better results in your profits.
  • Web Design
Before you skip over to the next idea because you think you don’t have the necessary skills, let us change your mind. Meet WixEd, our very own education program for Wix users who’d like to start their own website design business. WixEd is entirely free – the only tuition required is your commitment and creative talent. Not only does WixEd teach you how to create beautiful websites people will want to pay for, it includes a rewards program as you grow your customer base. No experience needed, this program is a real win-win!
  • Vintage Furniture Restoration
Have a knack for making old things look shiny and new? If you get a kick out of the art of restoring furniture to a higher state, starting your own restoration business requires little start-up investment. A great way to begin is by acquiring some pieces that need some TLC, and then posting the before and after shots on social channels (read: Pinterest) and your website. With a little promotion, people will want their old arm chair to be your next impressive before and after story.
  • Birth Doula
Have a passion for helping others? Love the miracle that is new life? If you said ‘yes’ with enthusiasm, you might make a great doula. Granted, there’s more to it than just that – but it starts with these two principles. Getting certified as a doula requires commitment, but the payoff can be beyond rewarding. Note: if you aren’t ready to be on-call 24/7, this path isn’t for you.   
  • Pet Photography
There are plenty of people out there who see their pet as a member of the family. These same people would likely love to have some great photos of their furry friend, and may even be looking for this service as we speak. If you’re good with a camera and love animals, this can be a great direction to take. Get yourself some quality equipment and a few good photoshoot ideas and you will be in business.  
  • Custom Sneaker Art
The custom anything trend has taken off, and sneakers are high on the list. If you’re an artist, this can be a great way to see your talents take a step forward. With some practice and the right tools, you can offer a service that will ensure that someone’s prized kicks are one of a kind, while turning a nice profit. 
  • Personalized Gift Baskets
Every time there’s a birthday, anniversary, engagement or other celebration, people are anxious about finding the perfect gift. Put their stress to rest by offering a service that not only provides them with a gift when they need it, but caters to the specific preferences and personality of the giftee. With some organization and online research, you can turn a nice profit by assembling a basket that might look like one hundred bucks, but didn’t cost half that. Start by displaying a few different starter baskets, and let people know that they can be customized to suit their needs.
  • Affordable Interior Design
People living in small spaces don’t usually choose them because they’re millionaires in disguise. Small apartments are usually the most in need of a designer’s touch, but they often don’t get it because interior design often comes with a large price tag. That’s why putting your eye for design to use in small spaces can pay off big time, if you’re willing to drop your prices to match the square footage. Quick Tip: Great before and after shots will go a long way in this industry, too.
  • Personal Shopper/ Stylist
It’s not just about making people look good, it’s about providing a service for people who either don’t have time to shop, or simply dread the mall. If you’re an all-star shopper, you can make their lives easier, and they’ll be happy to pay you for doing so.
  • Small Scale Moving Service
With a truck and a strong back, you’d be surprised how many people you can save the day for. When thinking of moving companies, most people think large scale – but what about when someone needs to move the washing machine they just bought on craigslist? Or when someone needs to get their grandmother’s extra mattress to their new apartment? Providing quick and quality service with a smile is a large part of it, but testimonials and referrals are also hugely important. Be sure to ask your customers to write a review of your service on your website or social channels. It’ll go a long way.

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