How To Use Pendrive As Ram On PC

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31 May 2015

How To Use Pendrive As Ram On PC

Increasing PC/laptop RAM or use pendrive as ram is very easy task. Normally we use pendrive for data transfer. But their are many features which help us to increase ram by using pendrive. Its very easy process you just need a pendrive and by following some simple steps you will increase your PC RAM. RAM is the temporary memory where all the processes run like if you have more RAM than your PC will perform better and faster. But with the low RAM some processes which requires more memory can slow your PC performance like heavy games and software’s. So increasing the RAM by replacing is costly but with the help of this simple concept you can use pendrive as ram increase your PC performance and it will work little faster without any cost. In this concept pen drive will work as virtual RAM but it will not perform same as actual RAM but with this virtual memory it will increase paging and cache memory and some other functioning which helps your PC to perform fast and better and it will help to your PC to keep the load of heavy software’s and games and helps you to perform multitasking better.
So here is we are going to discuss about about how to use pendrive as ram. Below given are two different method by which you can increase ram of your PC through pendrive.

Method 1st:- Virtual Ram Concept For Windows XP, 7 and 8

  • First of all you have to insert your pen drive into computer.
  • Next open My Computer >> right click on my computer >> click on Properties.
  • Now it will open you system properties and then click on Advanced system settings on the left side.
  • Now in “Advanced” Tab click on >> Settings.
  • Again it will show new window then click on “Advanced” Tab.
  • In Advanced Tab you will see option of “Virtual Memory box”, Next click on “Change Button”.
  • Next after click on Change Button it will open you dialogue box “Virtual Memory”.
  • Next you have to unchecked the box of “Automatically Manage Paging size feature”.
  • Select drive of your pen drive and then in Custom size Add Your Pen Drive current same in below format.
  • If You are using 4Gb or 8Gb Pen Drive then always add 30 to 50Mb less as from the original space available here we use 4Gb pen drive so we add less as compare to the original size available.
  • After the above steps add same “Value” in both boxes and click on Apply button.
  • Then restart your PC/Laptop and your pen drive will work as “Virtual Ram”.
Note:- In this method if you want your pen drive into normal form then simply go Virtual Settings again and unchecked custom memory value and check on the default settings “Automatically Manage Paging Size”

Method 2nd:- Ready Boost Concept Only For Windows 7, 8

  • First of all insert your Pen Drive into PC/Laptop.
  • Then right click >> on the Pen Drive >> and click on Properties.
  • Then click on Ready Boost Tab and select option Use this device.
  • Select the size according to you here we use 4Gb pen drive and we select 3501Mb size you can select according to your pen drive. select always 200 to 300Mb less.
  • And then click on apply button.

Note:- In case if you want to change back your pen drive to normal then switch it back Don’t use device in Ready Boost tab.
Important :- Whenever you want to eject your pen drive first Safely Eject Your Pen Drive. and don’t remove it directly it will leads to device damage.

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