How To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Laptop

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30 May 2015

How To Increase Battery Backup Of Your Laptop

As oxygen is important to man in the same way battery is need of laptop. As we do understand that the performance of the whole system depends alot on the battery power. At present the technology has changed due to which their are modern graphics, hungry applications and intensive operating system which consume the battery life of laptop everyday. To make your battery life better you will have to take care of it with some of these steps or tips that can help you to improve the performance of your laptop battery and make it last longer.

Tips for long last battery life of laptop:-      

  • Keep your laptop always clean. Laptops needs daily cleaning so as to avoid the blockage of the air vents. A blocked air vents leads to generate more heat which result in reducing the life span of the battery.
  • Avoid placing your laptops in closed car or direct sunlight because undue heat kills off a battery slowly. Always place your laptops in an open atmosphere having no heat.
  • Defrag your laptop hard drive. The basic thing beside it is that the lower the CPU and hard drive load, the longer the laptop battery runs. Daily defragmenting the hard drive will lead to a lesser load which will enable the laptop to run faster.
  • Lower screen brightness it consume much battery. LCD screen and hard drive consumes batter power a lot. By dimming the brightness of the screen, some good amount of battery power.
  • Unplug unused external devices such as flash drives, speaker, external mouse and keyboard ect are the biggest source of draining up of the battery power. 
  • Use hibernate option instead of sleep mode because the sleep mode option tends to draw power from the battery while hibernate option saves the computer work.
  • Close unused programs it helps in clearing up of ram which increases the speed of processing and also saves the battery life.
  • Increase your laptop ram if it is less. If your laptop has less ram your laptop will use Hard disk as virtual memory and will reduce the battery power.
  • Always try to discharge your laptop battery completely once a week so that every cell of your battery will work properly.
So here are some tips to your laptop battery in healthy condition. Do ask any question related to this top i will be to answer you.

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