Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips (2015)

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30 March 2015

Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips (2015)

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 

Best Whatsapp Tricks [2015]

Hello Friends,
In This Post I will Share Some Useful Tips & Tricks About Whatsapp.
But before learning directly Whatsapp Tips and Tricks, first know some facts about the whatsapp. WhatsApp has turned into the best, most widely used and trusted messenger for mobile platform in today’s time. It is easily accessible for all mobile platforms including the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian, Java, and many more. Only an internet connection is required for sending and receiving unlimited messages to anyone you like. It is absolutely free of cost. Here We Share some Best WhatsApp Tricks For You.

Awesome WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 2015

The popular application has recently faced fierce competition from various other services of its kind such as the WeChat and Line. However, it managed to hold its ground with extensive features that guarantee highly secure and dependable practical messaging experience.

If you are a Whatsapp fan, here are some must-know mind blowing whatsapp tips and tricks for you to get more fun out of the wonderful application:

1) Change Profile Picture – Of Your Friend’s 

This is new and an awesome whatsapp trick to prank your friends. You simply need to make some easy file replacement to change the actual profile picture of your friend. So research some real funny / scary images that would give 440 volts shock to your friend and resize it to 561 x 561 Pixel dimension. Try using the feature ‘RIOT image resizing’ to achieve this. Now it is time to navigate to SD Card and choose Whatsapp. Go to Profile Pictures where you see the profile picture of your friend. It will have name and phone numbers similar to your friend’s. This is one of the best whatsapp trick 2015.

These will have prefix attached. Simply rename the new chosen image to that same file name. Now replace the old image with the new one. You can use the iFunBox for iOS device. For android, try and use file manager to attain this effect. Now it is time to restart your device and the new profile picture will be visible. You can call and show this to your friend. Just tell them they have uploaded an ugly picture and enjoy their reaction.

2) Hide Your Profile Picture/Status/Last Seen

This is a good thing to do either to shock your friends of some privacy concerns. The WhatsApp Plus screen will help you. There are a lot of fakes available for WhatsApp Plus on the internet. The application can be downloaded from a trusted source. Once installed it allows you to hide your profile on WhatsApp. This makes you possible for you to make an anonymous chat.
You can Also hide your status,last seen as well if you want that you cant chat without any disturbance.

3) Use WhatsApp without Any Mobile Phone Number

This is possible! First, uninstall WhatsApp if already installed. Save image files / video on WhatsApp. Now download and install new WhatsApp. You must lock messaging service via changing the flight mode. Open WhatsApp and add your number to it. This way, it will not send message to the server to verify your mobile number. Since the verification is still unfinished and messages are blocked, the application will ask you to select an alternative system to confirm. Now simply choose ‘Check through SMS’. Now you must enter your email address. Click ‘Submit’.

Don’t wait and click “Cancel”. Forge messages and install the message Spoof text message. Use Fake-a-Message for iPhone. Now visit the Outbox and copy details of messages and select Spoofer Application. Send the details to false verification. Now the details should be used in false message:

  •     To: +447900347295
  •     From: + (country code )
  •     (mobile number )
Now message your e-mail address. A message is sent to fake number. It is now possible to use the number to get connected to friends.

4) Hack Friends WhatsApp Conversation

This is an awesome WhatsApp trick that can be used to hack WhatsApp conversation of your friends. You can effortlessly grasp the .crypt files from SD Card of your friends. Thereafter, you can view them on the internet using the website ‘RecoverMessages’. Explore the friends SD Card and then navigate to:
  •     SD Card
  •     Whatsapp
  •     Database folder

This is where you will get two files – ‘msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt’. This will precisely contain date and year whenever the backup was created. All you need to do is copy the files to your PC and upload to “”. This will help you view these online. This is the best way to hack Whatsapp Database of your friend. You can now view all the conversation.

5) WhatsApp For PC

Now You Can Access WhatsApp On Your Google Chrome Browser Via Web.WhatsApp.Com.


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